These Laws experimentally proved by French scientist  Charles coulomb. These two laws known as coulomb's law of magnetic force. these magnetic laws related to  the magnetic nature and magnitude of force between two magnetic poles. 

Charles coulomb was found that two magnetic poles nature and force between them. he was found when two magnetic piece's same pole Like  North pole and north pole take near and south pole and south pole take near. these same poles  are repel each other and different poles like north pole of one magnetic piece and south pole of other magnetic piece are attracts each other.the force between the two magnetic poles are depend upon these poles strength and distance between them. 

First Law : Like Poles Repel each other while unlike poles attract each other.

Second LawMagnitude of the force between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to the product of their pole strengths and inversely  proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Let Shown in fig. Where Two Magnetic Strength poles  is m1 and m2. these are placed in a medium at a distance of d metres. The force in newtons and pole strength in weber. 

Where K is a constant.Its value depends upon the Nature of medium which surrounding the Magnetic Poles. The value of K is given 

μ0 = absolute permeability of vacuum or air , its value  4𝜋 x 10-7    H/m
μr = relative permeability of  surrounding medium, for air and vacuum μr= 1.     


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