Bus Bar is a metallic strips of copper , conductor or group of conductor which is used for electrical power distribution as junction or node. The Bus bars that makes the electrical power distribution much easier , less expensive and more flexible.  Bus Bar manufacturered by aluminum and copper. There are various type of  Bus bar uses in housed  in swichgear , panel boards and busway enclosures for local high current. High level voltage bus bar used in substation , generation and feeder separation. In house wiring bus bar uses in distribution box , panel boards enclosures.

The various type Electrical bus bar used in power system given below.

1. Single bus bar arrangement.
2. Single bus bar arrangement with sectionalization.
3. Main and transfer bus arrangement.
4. Double bus Double Breaker arrangement.
5. Sectionalization Double bus arrangement.
6. One and half Breaker arrangement
7. Ring main arrangement.
8. Mesh arrangement.

Bus Bar In house wiring , switch gear , panel board , switchyard and battery bank etc. uses  Given below.

1. Copper metallic strips us Bus Bar . ( Minimum size of busbar is used 40x4mm 100 seq mm )
2. Aluminum metallic strips Bus Bar. ( Minimum size of busbar 40x5mm  200 seq mm )

The Size of Bus Bar and cross section area design by Maximum amount of current that can be bus bar carried safely. The electrical bus bar designs in different shapes like strips , solid bars or rode and hollow. The hollow bus bar design for avoiding Skin effect and it provides higher stiffness that equivalent of solid rod.

The busbars system use the three phase electrical power distribution in world because that makes the electricity esier. the uses of Busbar system in industries , factories , malls , hospitals universities , apartments buildings and mostly all types of building.

In fig show the sample of Three phase electricity distribution. this system uses in homes and building. here one bus bar enclosure  in which three phase bus bar that distribute the electricity in three distribution box.               
The Busbar is used in Generating station and substation as common point to make a connection between several Lines in system. here shows the simple arrangement of single line diagram in generation station with bus bar. 
Here See that Bus bar is a common point of  between Generator and outgoing lines the power is distributed by busbar.                        


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