A Motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The d.c. motor is very similar to a d.c. generator in construction. Generators are usually operated in more protected locations and therefore their construction generally of the open type. On the other hand, motors are generally used in locations where they are exposed to dust, moisture, fumes, and mechanical damage. Thus motors require protecting enclosures for example, drip-proof, fire-proof. According to the requirements. 

Motor Principle 
When a conductor carrying current is put in a magnetic field, a force is produced on it. the effect of placing a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field is shown in figure.  

Let us consider one such conductor placed in slot of armature and suppose that it is acted upon by the magnetic field from a north pole of motor. By applying left hand rule it is found, the conductor has a tendency to move the left hand side. Since the conductor is in a slot on the circumference of the rotor, the force Fc acts in a tangential direction of the rotor. thus, the torque is develop on the rotor.similar torques are produced on all the rotor conductors. Since rotor is free to move, it starting rotating in the anticlockwise direction.

the torque produced on the rotor is transferred to the shaft of the rotor and can be utilized to drive a mechanical load.       

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